BCT Theater Lab and Boise Rock School Partner on Rad Play!

Boise Rock School and BCT Theater Lab Present Răzbunare and “His Final Trick” – An Evening of Music and Magic 

During the Fall of 2015, students from Boise Rock School and BCT Theater Lab created the play Răzbunare and “His Final Trick.” This production features live, original music from Boise Rock School teens and an original play written by Theater Lab teens.

The play focuses on the touring magician Răzbunare and his backing band the Final Trick. Răzbunare’s magic has a devastating effect on the towns he visits and his tour leaves a trail of profound loss and heartbreak. The tour takes a turn when Răzbunare encounters a woman who forces his hand and destroys everything Răzbunare holds dear.

There will be four performances:
1. Wednesday, November 11 @ 7 pm at Flying M Coffee Garage
2. Thursday, November 12 @ 7 pm at Sage International School
3. Friday, November 13 @ 4:30 at Boys and Girls Club (non- public event)
4. Sunday, November 15 @ 7 pm at Boise Contemporary Theater

Questions? Email info@boiserockschool.com