Jared Goodpaster (Goodie)

Co-founder, Education Director, Teacher, Professional Musician
Jared and Bennett

After traveling the world teaching English in NYC and Czech Republic, Jared Goodpaster settled down in Boise, Idaho and earned his Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. Promptly after finishing his graduate degree, Jared put his education to good use and created the curriculum for Boise Rock School. Jared has played in bands The Veltexans, Halos of Mojo and Hillfolk Noir (with whom he played SXSW in 2012!). He currently plays lead guitar in The Ravenna Colt. Jared brought hipster back from the Czech!

Ryan Peck (Rye Bread)

Co-founder, Managing Director, Teacher, Adjunct Professor
Ryan and Rye Bread

Ryan’s musical history consists of writing a lot of songs on piano and guitar. Ryan has shared the stage with Ben Harper, Aqualung, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Reckless Kelly, Josh Ritter, Asleep at the Wheel, Marc Ford, Jerry Joseph, Leon Mobley and, most awesomely, Jared Goodpaster. In his spare time, Ryan teaches Biology at Boise State University (he used to teach 5th graders in the Bay Area), runs a concert series/ NPR radio show titled “Music from Stanley,” and tries to teach his dog Olive to do more than nap. Ryan is 1/2 of the band Edmond Dantès with former BRS teacher Andrew Stensaas. Ryan also really likes chocolate and hot sauce.

Angel Abaya

Teacher, Student

Angel is a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist currently studying Communications at Boise State. At BRS, she is the primary vocal teacher and one of the primary Little Rockers and beginner instrument teachers. She loves to travel and go on adventures. She currently plays with local art troupe LED, and has a couple projects in the works, such as Electric Coconut and her own solo material.

Douglas Cameron (DC)

Teacher, Professional Musician

Doug began his musical career minutes after seeing Def Leppard on TV when he was about 3 years old. Since then he has toured the nation with his band Stranger Neighbor and as a solo artist.

Jonathan Warren (JW)

Teacher, Professional Musician, River Guide
solo pic 2

Jonathan Warren moved to Boise from Knoxville, Tennessee in 2008, a songwriter with the sounds of the Southern Appalachians stamped across his songs. Originally working as a wilderness guide, he traded in his hiking boots for cowboy boots and started the band Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats. When not guiding on the Payette river, Jonathan is teaching music and performing and touring with the Billygoats.

Thomas Paul (TP)

Teacher, Professional Musician, Boy Wonder (he can play anything)

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Thomas Paul has been with Boise Rock School since the beginning. He is adept in a diverse range of genres including swing, funk, country, bluegrass, lounge jazz, blues, psychedelia and bedroom folk. Cellar Notes recently dubbed him “one of the premier performers in the Northwest.” Paul has often shared the stage with notables Curtis Stigers, Ned Evett, Nick Jaina, Jonah Shue, JD Kindle and several other Northwest luminaries as well as a number of music giants such as John Hammond and Teddy Thompson. Michael Deeds of the Idaho Statesman Paul has “been in more Boise bands than any sane musician should, and he plays essentially any instrument with strings or keys plopped in front of him.”

Jeff Cochran (Jeff Leppard)

Teacher, Professional Musician

Jeff Cochran loves to play guitar, write songs and produce his own music. He is a born and raised potato eater and loves his L shaped state! Jeff believes that music is the soul of our lives and that sharing it with others is as important as learning it yourself. Jeff lives to grow and develop while helping others do the same.

Aaron Connolly (Con Man)

Teacher, Professional Musician
Aaron for web

Aaron started playing guitar before he was potty trained. Then he got bored for a while and learned drums, bass and keys. Then he got really into guitar. Now he leaves a trail of melted faces wherever he goes. He plays with local band The Fav!

Michael Simon (Mikey)

Teacher, Guitar Master

Michael is our in-house classical guitar master. He caught the music bug growing up around Nashville, TN. He got his first electric guitar at 13 and never looked back. He also plays and teaches bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. He tried violin once, but it didn’t “take.” Michael also has the best hair and beard in the Northwest.

Nick Archibald


Nick plays lots of instruments with lots of people. He started to play music after seeing The Ramones in a movie. When he’s not playing music, which isn’t often, he likes to read, do crosswords, and play cribbage. You can see him play music with Andrew Sheppard, Preakedness, and a whole bunch of other bands that don’t have names yet.

Isa Rios

Teacher, Drum Master
First picking up drum sticks in Jazz Band at the prestigious Nueva School in California, Isa was instantly struck with a passion. This passion, and the practice it inspired, led him to join the Collective Sound Academy at Cal State University Chico on scholarship at just 13, the same year he went on his first tour. Later, Isa attended the Performing and Fine Arts Academy in Sacramento playing marimba and drum set for the percussion ensemble. While performing in numerous bands, he went to school to become a STEM educator before realizing those teaching skills could also be applied to my lifelong hobby. Isa plays and teach most instruments but specialize in percussion and audio engineering.

Devin McComas

Teacher, Musician
Devin started playing guitar in Junior High. After cutting his teeth in bad punk bands, he picked up an acoustic guitar and eventually moved on to playing keys and drums. Devin teaches band classes at BRS, with a focus on guitar, keyboard, and song writing lessons. Outside of music, Devin likes doing pottery, hanging out with his family and dog, and the great out-of-doors. Currently, he plays synthesizer/keys in local bands Preakedness and Toy Zoo, and guitar in whatever project will have him.

Kathryn McGee



Originally from Boise, Kathryn just moved back after studying music in London, England. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music Performance. While in London, she gigged as a solo artist under the name Kathryn McGee. Her most recent project was an electronic band named Haptic Common. She also started nannying during her studies, and absolutely loved looking after kids. So, she thought, “why not combine my two favorite things?”

Jessica Burlile (Jex)

Teacher Emeritus

Jessica was an instructor at the Boise Rock School from 2010 to 2015 and has a BA degree in Music from Boise State. You might find her running a marathon or writing music in her free time, or at a Dave Matthews concert over Labor Day weekend. She started playing piano at age 7 and picked up a few more instruments over the years (violin, guitar, drums, saxophone, flute, mellophone…etc). If she won the lottery she would write a letter asking Jimmy Page to come to Boise, hire an Iron Chef to cook for her every day and still work at Boise Rock School.

Pete Wadams

Master Drum Volunteer

Music became the driving force in Pete’s life when he was exposed to the ‘power of the drum’ at age ten. In addition to other gigs, Pete has played drumset in Boise metal act XEX and jazz band Zeppo5. Under Dr. John Baldwin, Pete studied classical percussion and also became the section-leader/center-snare for the BSU drum-line. In 2000 Pete graduated with a BA in sociology from BSU. He has always primarily-been a rocker at heart and wants to share any knowledge that he has with the next-generation of “rockers”.


We have a bunch of other awesome folks involved with our school including: teachers Devin McComas, Craig Hawkins, Christopher Smith and Eric Playstead; bookkeeper Kacey Martinez, audio engineer Casey Miller and other rad peoples!

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