2017 Camps!

Summer camps are super rad! They are how we got our start! Unless otherwise noted, all camps are $150. We also offer multi-camp and sibling discounts. All camps are at our studio at 1404 West Idaho unless otherwise noted. Sign up here!

ROCK Camps 
Note, though we call these “Rock” camps – they are driven by whatever genre or type of music the students are interested in playing! :-) The ROCK camps are most popular camp!

Dates: June 12-16, 1-3:30 PM; June 26-30, 1-3:30 PM; July 10-14, 10 AM-12:30 PM; July 10-14, 1-3:30 PM (TEEN ONLY); July 17-21, 10 AM-12:30 PM; July 24-July 28, 10 AM-12:30 PM; July 31-August 4, 1-3:30 PM; August 7-11; 10 AM-12:30 PM; August 14-18, 10 AM-12:30 PM

Description: Though we aren’t roasting marshmallows around a campfire, we are throwing down some killer tunes! You’ll not only get better on your instrument, but you’ll also form a band with other rad students, choose a band name, learn cover songs and write original tunes! The camp ends with one of our legendary gigs! Amp it up! Open to students age 6-18 of all skill levels. Please note we also have camps for TEENS only! :-) Sign up here!

Little Rockers
Dates: June 12-16, 9-10 AM; July 10-14, 9-10 AM and August 14-18, 9-10 AM
Cost: $100

Description: You’re never too young to rock! This camp is for rockers ages 3-5! During the camp students will write a story song that they will perform at the end of the week! Super fun and super creative! Sign up here

Dates: June 26-30, 10 AM-3 PM
Cost: contact us for details

Description: This summer we will be offering a rad camp in Stanley, Idaho! This camp will take place at the Stanley School. Sign up here!

Vocal Camps (taught by Kathryn Guy and Angel Abaya)
Dates: June 26-30, 1 PM-3:30 PM (age 13-18) AND July 10-14, 10 AM-12:30 PM (age 8-12)

Description: Daily sessions will focus on developing healthy vocal techniques, confidence, music theory, songwriting, and song interpretation. Students will work on broadening the versatility of their voice – studying all genres. Voice classes will not only be group-oriented but will also provide one-on-one coaching and feedback for students. The camp will end with a group and solo performances. Sign up here!

Recording Arts Camp with Audiolab
Dates: July 17-21, 10 AM-12 PM
Cost: $165

Description: Learn how to make cool records in a week! This camp will take at place at the famed Audiolab recording studio in Boise. You learn everything from microphone techniques to mixing and mastering. This camp is led by Boise Rock School teachers and Audiolab owner Steve Fulton. It will be epic! Open to students age 8-18 of all skill levels. Sign up here!

Songwriting Camp with The Cabin
Dates: July 24-28, 9 AM-12 PM
Cost: $185. $150 for Cabin members and Boise Rock School students.

Description: Unlock the creative voice within during this journey through the craft of songwriting. Using hooks, rhymes, and words that sing, you’ll begin writing your own songs on the very first day of camp. Work with a professional musician from Boise Rock School and a professional poet from The Cabin as you listen to songs, talk about what makes them work, write your own lyrics and be performance-ready by the end of the week. Open to any instrument or ability level. Bring your instrument to camp, if you have one. You can register at www.thecabinidaho.org! Open to ages 12-18.

Podcast Camp in partnership with JUNO ARTS
Dates: June 12-16, 1 PM-3:30 PM

Description: Podcasts are a unique 21st century form of are and entertainment. In the last year many podcasts have raised the bar of the podcast as an art form. Podcasts such as Song Exploder, Radiolab, Serial and Snap Judgement have engaged audiences the world over with their mix of clever interviews, topics, soundscapes and creativity. In this class students will create their own professional podcast on a topic of their choosing. They’ll learn interviewing techniques, audio editing and, most importantly, how to tell a story with sound. Sign up here!

Graphic Design/ Poster Making Camp with James Lloyd in partnership with JUNO ARTS
Dates: July 24-28, 10 AM-12:30 PM

Description: We love gig posters, album art and all other visual aspects of music. At this camp you’ll learn how to create super cool album covers and gig posters. Local artist James Lloyd will teach you how to take your creative concept, get it into the computer and make a professional finished product. Topics include: Photoshop manipulation, graphic design, layout, coloring, sizing and other cool topics. Open to ages 8 and up! Sign up here!

Make a Movie in partnership with JUNO ARTS and The Directors Cut
Dates: July 31-August 4; 10 AM-12:30 PM

Description: During this camp you’ll write a screenplay, storyboard the concept, make a shot list, shoot and edit the movie into the finished masterpiece! Open to ages 10 and up! Sign up here!

Free Camp for Refugees and At-risk Youth
Date: August 7-11, 1-3:30 PM
Cost: Free

Description: We began doing our free camp in 2012. The camp follows the format of a regular camp with some twists! To nominate a student please email us at info at boiserockschool.com and tell us why he or she would benefit from the camp! Rock!

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