What is Boise Rock School?
We are a local, independent music school that focuses on teaching kids, teenagers and adults how to make music together.

Where are you?
Boise Rock School is located at 1404 West Idaho, Boise, ID 83702 (The Rocca Building). If you’re having trouble finding us, pull over, roll down your window and listen for us jamming and follow the music!

What are your hours?
Though we have classes at nearly all hours of the week. Our main operating hours are Monday-Friday; 3-7:30 pm.

How do we contact you? 
Our business phone line is: 208.572.5055. Our main email account is: info@boiserockschool.com.

Does my student need any experience?
No. We work with all ability levels!

What types of classes do you offer?
We have three main programs: after school classes, outreach programs, and camps. We also do private lessons, adult classes, songwriting classes and audio engineering/ recording classes. See “Classes” for more information and costs.

What’s your payment policy?
For our Instrument and Band Classes, students pay a monthly tuition. The tuition fee is a monthly membership fee. Please note that we only pro-rate when students join mid-month. Pro-rates are not given for holidays, Session Gigs, etc. For Instrument and Band Classes, monthly tuition will not be adjusted for missed classes. If a student unable to attend their Instrument Class, they will be given the option of a make-up class at one of the other Instrument Classes. If more than 2 make ups are requested in a 3 month period we request the student change to a better time. It’s important to remember that students have an obligation to fellow class members. In the event that more than 50% of Band Class cannot attend OR a teacher is unavailable, a make up class will be offered for the entire class. Payments are accepted by cash, check, credit card or PayPal. For our regular classes, payments are expected on the first week of every month. Boise Rock School does not believe any student should be excluded because of financial reasons, and as such, financial assistance is available upon request on a first come, first served basis.

Once signed up, Boise Rock School will continue to invoice you until you let us know in writing that you or your student has stopped attendance.

Will my child perform? How often are performances?
Yes! All class are geared toward teaching your child to perform. We have regular “Session Gigs” 4x/ year at the Linen Building. In addition we play a ton of other gigs in Boise and beyond. Past gigs have happened at the Knitting Factory, The Linen Building, The Grove, The Library!, The Idaho Center, The Record Exchange, Art in the Park, Sawtooth Music Festival, The Egyptian Theater, 2009 Special Olympics and many, many other places.

Are instruments provided?
We provide instruments for students to play on during class time. However, for at-home practice students should eventually have access to their own instrument. We are able to offer “loaner” instruments for short periods of time.

What ages do you teach?
Our programs start with students at age 3!

Do you work with specials needs students?
Yes. Please contact us with specific questions.

What about loud volume?
The loudest instrument in a rock band setting tends to be the drums. During our regular classes we use Roland electric drums to minimize volume. We also offer earplugs for any student that prefers to use them. Our class volume hovers around 85 db.

Are drop-ins welcome?
Drop-ins are certainly welcome, though we really prefer to schedule visits to make sure you’ll get the attention you need. We generally schedule visits on Mondays and Tuesdays 4- 6 pm. Contact us to set-up a visit!

How do I get a job at Boise Rock School?
So you want to work at Boise Rock School? Firstly, you should be proficient at guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals. Secondly, and most importantly, you need to be exceptionally good with kids. You should also be able to pass a criminal background check. Folks wanting to work at Boise Rock School should be culturally aware, have a great sense of humor, have a professional appearance and possess a high level of integrity. Please note that work at Boise Rock School is usually part-time and centered around after-school hours. If you are okay with all of the above, send us an email at info@boiserockschool.com and we will let you know if we are hiring. Note, we are always looking for classroom volunteers. If you like working with kids please reach out to us!

Can I hang out while my student attends class?
We ask that you stay out of the classroom while your student is in class. It’s a widely accepted fact that Pete Townshend didn’t learn to “windmill” while his mom was watching. Plus, if a parent is in the classroom, we’re gonna make him or her play an instrument :-).

What is Boise Rock School’s favorite guitar?
We tend to favor Fender Telecasters. For acoustics, we really like vintage Guild guitars (late ’60s and early ’70s are best). For basses, we really like American made ‘62 reissue Fender Jazz basses. Actually, this is what Ryan likes, and since he’s writing this stuff, he gets to put what he wants. Yes, sometimes the pen is mightier.

Do you guys really like Def Leppard?
Ryan does. Jared says he does not (but that may be a lie.) One time, Ryan took Jared to a Def Leppard concert. Jared (says he) did not enjoy it.

Wait, what about … ?
Email us at: info@boiserockschool.com

Who does your posters?
We like to work with many local artists. Some of our favorites are Ben Wilson (who designed our logo), Aaron Grable, Julia Green, Erica Dryden, James Lloyd and Anna Peck. Below are some examples of recent posters.

Monster MashBoise Rock SchoolBoise Rock School

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